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   Zoran Matic winner of the Paul Harris Fellow

Our member Zoran Matic received from Rotary International for his contribution and contributions of Rotary Paul Harris Fellow award...

   All of Lane

Our member Zoran Matic received from Rotary International for his contribution and contributions of Rotary Paul Harris Fellow award...

  Rotary Club and the "Street of Open Heart"

This year, Rotarians and Rotaractors from Belgrade organized by RC Belgrade Centre in Belgrade took part in the traditional event "Street of Open Heart"...

   Marking the tenth anniversary of the celebration of the charte

On Saturday, November 10, the Rotary Club Krusevac at Golf in Krusevac, marked the tenth anniversary of the celebration of the charter...

  Leadership Team meeting and celebration charter RC Niš Constantine the Great

On Friday, 02.11.2012. in Nis, a meeting was held leadership team of the current governor of Nikola Obradovic in which our member ADG Dejan Azdejković...

  Charter anniversary celebrations RC Prokuplje

RC Krusevac delegation attended the celebration of the anniversary of the charter RC Prokuplje with which reflect the traditional good relations. In cooperation with the other clubs in the region, we had a number of successful actions...

  Marking ten years of celebration charterovanja

We are proud to announce that we'll 10.11.2012 with guests from home and abroad celebrate ten years of celebration charterovanja.

  Visit the club Maribor Lent

At the invitation of fraternal club Maribor Lent our Rotarians participated in the 18 th consecutive vintage 06.10.2012.godine organized by the Slovenian Rotary clubs...

  Donation to the Cultural Center Krusevac

Rotary Club Krusevac, increase in the cultural development of our community, contributed to the creation of better conditions for the work of the Cultural Center Krusevac parquet donation to one of the halls...

  Prayers Art Colony on Lake

The picturesque surroundings Jastrebac and its lake on Thursday, from 2 to 8 August 2012. held its fourth art colony "Prayers at the lake 2012", which is the creator and organizer of the member ...

  Discourse Dejan S. Miletic on globalization

On Tuesday, 7 August, our club's guest speaker was our great friend, doc. Dejan S. Miletic...

  Discourse of prof. Nebojsa Radic

During the four-day visit to prof. Nebojsa Radic Rotary Club Krusevac, from Saturday 21st by Tuesday 24th July, prof. Radic gave a lecture on'' Teaching at Cambridge University with...

  Visit of prof. Nebojsa Radic Rotary Club Krusevac

The four-day visit to the Rotary Club Krusevac Krusevac from Friday, 20 to Monday, 23 July was a prof. Nebojsa Radic...

  Celebration of Vidovdan and the transfer of duties

On Thursday, 28 June 2012. , the Rotary Club Krusevac celebrated its glory Vidovdan. In addition to celebrating the club, the Rotary Club has, for the dinner, which was organized in honor of the restaurant Golf in Krusevac, made regular and the handover of the President of the Rotary Club Krusevac...

   The computer for the best graduates

On Tuesday, 12 May the new premises of the Palas Hotel in Krusevac, Krusevac Rotary club held a campaign laptop computer best graduates...

   War exhibition Živorada Milanovic - Maky

In the crowded gallery, Milic od Macve, on Saturday, 24 March, there was a'' War'' exhibition, a member of the Rotary Club Krusevac, Živorada Maky Milanovic, called the'' image'' of insomnia...

   Baby gifts at Rotary International

8 babies born February 23, at Rotary International, Rotary Club of Krusevac have received cash grants and cosmetics...

   Ladies night 2012.

The first weekend after the Serbian New Year, Rotary Club Krusevac is traditionally celebrated Ladies Night...

   Rotary Club celebrated its ninth Krusevac

Rotary Club Krusevac on 12 November celebrated its ninth birthday. The celebration of the charter was held at the Golf in Krusevac in the presence of many guests and members of Rotary clubs. Besides members of the Rotary Club Krusevac...

   Paul Harris Fellow Recognition Ljubomir Djordjevic

Member of the Rotary Club Krusevac Ljubomir Djordjevic became a badge holder Paul Harris Fellow...


   Visit Maribor

Representatives of the Rotary Club Krusevac are invited fraternal club Maribor Lent međudistriktnoj participated in humanitarian action organized in Maribor from 07 to 09.10.2011. year.Representatives from the Rotary clubs of Ibiza, other towns in Slovenia, Croatia and the Rotary Club of Bad Orb from...


   District Governor in Krusevac

On 13 September 2011 at the regular meeting of the Rotary Club of Krusevac, were present Governor of District 2483 and 2011/12 Vesna Baltazarević Assistant RRFC Zone 20B & Polio Plus Subcommittee Chair Velimir Baltazarević...

   The handover and glory St. Vidovdana

On Tuesday, 28 June 2011. The Rotary Club Krusevac celebrated its glory Vidovdan. In addition to celebrating the club, the Rotary Club Krusevac at the dinner, which was organized in the honor, the restaurant Bagdala in Krusevac, made the regular handover.The former president of the club, is keeping Marinkovic Dragoljub Anđelić John left the club, which will be the place to Vidovdan 2012th year...

   Best student laptops

On Monday 30th May ended with the stock award of laptop computers to one of the top high school graduates Krusevac.This action has begun an auction of decorated Easter eggs in which the money raised for a reward.
All secondary schools in Krusevac, at the request of the Rotary Club Krusevac, submitted by...

   Book Promotion Branko S. Ristic,''A Prayer for Kosovo''

In Krusevac Theatre, 26 May 2011, was promoted books Branko S. Ristic,''''A Prayer for Kosovo. Despite the large number Krusevljani and guests from Serbia on promotion was also present a number of artists from Bulgaria. Among the visitors from outside the book promotion was attended Ilija Iliev, cultural attache of the Embassy of Bulgaria in Belgrade, Svetlana Giorgijev, academician, member...

   Winners of art competition for children

Organised by the Rotary Club Krusevac, Krusevac Theatre at 23rd April 2011, were named the youngsters, winners of the sixth Easter competition of art works over the preparation and pre-school groups IA Nata Veljkovic from Krusevac.Issue, which has given kids this year to beautify Vasrs 2011th the''Easter at our house''...

   For auction of decorated Easter eggs

Rotary Club Krusevac on the occasion of Easter, 23 April, organized by the traditional, the fourth in a row, the auction of decorated Easter eggs.

As in previous years, artists town of Krusevac, and this year artists from Nis, Jagodina Paracin and happy to have responded, painted and decorated in their own way beautiful Easter egg designs...

   Presentation of''Jung Pumpen''in Krusevac

On Tuesday, 01 March, organized by the Rotary Club Krusevac organized the presentation of German companies''Jung Pumpen''which manufactures vacuum pumps to drain water and sewer atmosverske. The presentation was led by a representative of the firm''''Jung, Jan Mineker, and among the visitors of the presentation were members of the Rotary Club Krusevac and representatives...

   Baby gifts of Rotary International

On the occasion of Rotary, 23 February, Rotary Club Krusevac on Thursday, 24 February 2011. year, all babies born that day, handed money donations and other cosmetics for babies.This is the fourth consecutive year that representatives of the Rotary Club Krusevac pleases parents who had children of Rotary.

   Agreement on Mutual Cooperation Rotary Clubs

In accordance with the initiative and our successful collaboration and implementation of joint projects on Saturday, 19 February 2011. we signed an agreement on mutual cooperation between the RC, MORAVA''Cuprija, RC,''PROKUPLJE, RC,''PIROT, RC,''Mediana Nis and RC, KRUŠEVAC''.This Agreement is concluded for association capacity of these clubs...

  Documentary about Archibald Reiss

On Saturday, 19 February, in Krusevac Theatre presents the documentary "Vowel tell - and hear, the Serbs". The film is about a Swiss criminologist Archibald Rice, a great friend of Serbia and the Serbian people.The film is produced by the Rotary Club Zajecar, and author of the film is Zivojin Zdravkovic by profession, a television cameraman and author of numerous reports...

  Agreement on joint actions to promote the film''Vowel desire hear Serbs''

Based on the agreement of regional Rotary clubs reached early this year febraro Prokuplje Rotary Club is organizing 19th Krusevac February meeting of Rotary clubs: RC, MORAVA''Cuprija, RC, PROKUPLJE'' , RC, VRANJE'',  RC, PIROT'' , RC, ZAJEČAR'' , RC,''Mediana Nis and RC, KRUŠEVAC'' to sign an agreement on joint actions. On that occasion will be shown a documentary film Vowel WISH Hear Sam...

  Celebrating the anniversary of charter club in Prokuplje
Rotary Club of Prokuplje is well organized to celebrate the second anniversary of the charter of the club and the first anniversary of the charter Rotaract club and in the presence of guests from a number of clubs, raised funds to help Kraljevo in eliminating the consequences of earthquakes. Members of our club participated in the auction and thus made a contribution to help Kraljevo...
  More Paul Harris recognition
Rotary Club Krusevac has continued payments to Rotary Foundation. This time, the week the Rotary Foundation, members of the RC Krusevac have paid 2000 USD to fund Polio Plus, which are eligible for the 4000 points, as the destination for the other club members is 8000 points or 8 Paul Harris recognition.So now the total number of Paul Harris award in...
  Help Kraljevo
On the occasion of a strong and large earthquakes that hit the Kraljevo and its surroundings in early November, months and caused great destruction in the city, RC Krusevac has responded to their appeal for help and Thursday 11 November, sent through the RC Kraljevo, a truck roof tiles.Tile is distributed over the crisis staff and unloaded at MZ Žiča.
  Celebration of charter Rotary Club Krusevac
On Saturday 13th In November, the Rotary Club in Krusevac Krusevac Konak restaurant held a celebration on the club charter.In addition to the members of the Rotary Club and Rotaract Club Krusevac celebration was attended by past Governor of the whole process envisages 2481 Dragan Brajer, special representative of the District Governor and incoming...
  80 years of Rotary in Slovenia
Of 14 To 17 November 2010. RC Krusevac, the representatives are on call RC Maribor Lent, attended the celebration of 80 years Rotaz movement in Slovenia.The central celebration of this anniversary celebration was held in Maribor. During these visits well organized by the RC Maribor Lent agreed the cooperation...
  Charter celebrations in Vranje
25. September 2010. RC Krusevac, representatives attended the charter celebration RC Vranje.The party was held in the beautiful setting in the monastery Prohor Pcinjski.

  Leadership Seminar in Krusevac

Governor District 2481 Visariona Zahosa on 08 October visit RC Krusevac.
The reason for its re-visit after 7 days to organize seminars for the chip leader of the Serbian district.
Meeting and workshop was organized at the New Palace in Krusevac, was attended by representatives pedavači or listeners...

  Blood drive, organized by Rotary Club

Organised by the Rotary Club Krusevac and the Red Cross today at the Novi Palas in Krusevac organized voluntary action krvi.Povod this action was the visit of two young Frenchmen, who traveled by bicycle in the world to promote voluntary blood donation. Zulijani, one of two aid workers, has had an accident when he was 16 and got a large amount of blood. To him...

  Governor of District 2481 in Krusevac

Governor of Rotary District 2481 Visariona Zahosa visited RC Krusevac which is held in common with clubs meeting at which the ADG Dragomir Stanković from RC Krusevac, as follows: RC Prokuplje, RC Leskovac and Kraljevo RC and RC Krusevac.
The meeting was held on Thursday 30.09. at 18 o'clock at the New Palace in Krusevac (ex FAM)...
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