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  Auction painted eggs
Rotary Club is an action that is traditionally held each year immediately before the great Christian holiday of Easter on Holy Saturday. Action is a charity and is composed of ID ofoarbanih eggs painted by famous artists in the city and beyond. Artist of the best licitirano egg gets a prize and the money, recruiting sales of artwork is for humanitarian projects Rorary Club Krusevac.

  Celebration of St. Vidovdan and transfer duties

Every year, 28 In June, the Rotary Club Krusevac celebrates its glory Vidovdan. On the same day and runs the annual ceremonial handover of duties Rotary Club, during which, is elected new president of Rotary Club Krusevac for a period of one year. Everyone started gathering other than Easter eggs and painted gifts for the babies, the humanitarian dinner, from which all proceeds dedicated to humanitarian action. Decisions about the purpose of the funds shall be made prior to sending invitations to socialize.

  Charterovanja day


Every year, the first weekend after the 9th of November (this year November 13), Rotarz Club Krusevac held čarterovanja Day.


  Ledies Night

The first weekend after the Serbian New Year marks the Rotary Club Krusevac Ledies Night.

  Celebration of Rotary International


Every year, 24th February, Rotary Club Krusevac, visit the maternity ward where Kruševačko officially delivers gifts to babies born 24th February, as Rotary International.

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