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  Documentary about Archibald Reiss

On Saturday, 19 February, in Krusevac Theatre presents the documentary "Vowel tell - and hear, the Serbs". The film is about a Swiss criminologist Archibald Rice, a great friend of Serbia and the Serbian people.

The film is produced by the Rotary Club Zajecar, and author of the film is Zivojin Zdravkovic by profession, a television cameraman and author of numerous reports. Zdravkovic is on the film worked for two years, and the sequences were filmed in Belgrade, Nis, Sabac, Macvanski Prnjavor, Cer, Novi Sad.

On the promotion of the film in Krusevac were collected donations and sold a CD with the movie, all the income is intended to build kindergartens Zajecar.

Promotion of the film for the audience Krusevac organized Rotary Club Krusevac.

About the film

Archibald Rice Rice arrived in Belgrade 1914th at the invitation of the Serbian government to investigate crimes of Austria-Hungary, the Germans and the Bulgarians against the Serbian civilian population in our country remained until his death.

He is so loved that the Serbs wanted to be buried at the Orthodox cemetery Topcidersko customs, even though he was a Protestant, and his covenant wish was to take out his heart when he died, put it in a plain jug and take to the top Kajmakcalan to dried up, apart from Serbian heroes and friends, who saw her die in battle and with whom he crossed Albania and Thessaloniki front.

Photo: author of the film Zivojin Zdravkovic

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