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  Agreement on joint actions to promote the film''Vowel desire hear Serbs''

Based on the agreement of regional Rotary clubs reached early this year febraro Prokuplje Rotary Club is organizing 19th Krusevac February meeting of Rotary clubs:



       RC, MORAVA''Cuprija
       RC, PROKUPLJE''
       RC, VRANJE''
       RC, PIROT''
       RC, ZAJEČAR''
       RC,''Mediana Nis and
       RC, KRUŠEVAC''

to sign an agreement on joint actions.

On that occasion will be shown a documentary film Vowel WISH Hear Sami, who is dedicated to others. Archibald Rice, a man who was part of his life investigating crimes in Serbia, the Austro-Hungarian and Bulgarian army against civilians in the First World War and whose work has contributed to the truth about these crimes heard in the world. The film is produced by the Rotary Club of Zajecar, and author of the film is Zivojin Zdravkovic. With the film will collect the donations and will be selling CDs with the film. All income is for the construction of kindergartens in Zajecar.
The meeting will be held on 19 February in the location Hotel''new palace''in Krusevac.


16:00 to 16:30 gathering at the''new palace''
16:30 meeting and signing
18:00 screening in Krusevac Theatre
19:00 dinner

President                                                                         Secretary  
RC Krusevac for 2010/11                                             RC Krusevac for 2010/11

Dragoljub Marinković                                                    Branislav Lukanović
064/133 83 82                                                                064/610 81 64












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