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  Agreement on Mutual Cooperation Rotary Clubs

In accordance with the initiative and our successful collaboration and implementation of joint projects on Saturday, 19 February 2011. we signed an agreement on mutual cooperation between the RC, MORAVA''Cuprija, RC,''PROKUPLJE, RC,''PIROT, RC,''Mediana Nis and RC, KRUŠEVAC''.

This Agreement is concluded for association capacity of these clubs and the implementation of joint actions, to assist the most vulnerable groups of society, in accordance with the original principles of the Rotary movement.

Each of the signatories of this agreement is required to, on a quarterly basis, provide the means to realize the objectives of this Agreement in the amount of 200 euros. Each signatory of this agreement is determined quarterly, institution, association or individual to whom the money in one quarter belong. This project was initiated by five clubs, but there is a possibility of extension and inclusion of other clubs in this project.

Bulletin of the Rotary clubs

In addition to this agreement, the clubs present at the meeting were initiated action on a common bulletin present clubs. Periodic newsletter went out and wrote to the actions of these clubs.

Photo: The signatories to the agreement

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