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Dear visitors Rotary Club Krusevac

From this place, places of contact, you can contact us, ask questions or give suggestions to our work. In addition, you can give us a proposal on a humanitarian issue or action that your opinion has no support from society and feel that we can to help.

All your questions will be answered carefully consider and see whether and how we can help.


Street: Obiliceva 67
City: Krusevac, 37000
E-mail: office@rotaryclubkrusevac.org
Contact details of the President of Rotary Club
Name: Marić Ivica
Function: Predsednik za 2016-2017.godinu
Occupation: Engineer PTT
He works as: "PTT" Srbija
Phone:064/610 92 28
E-mail: imaric@jp.ptt.rs
Contact details Secretary Rotary Club
Name: Dejan Ivanović
Function: Sekretar za 2016 - 2017. godinu
Occupation: Electronics and telecommunications engineer
He works as: Telekom Srbija
E-mail: dejaniv@mts.rs
Phone: 064/61-21-920



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