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Rotary Krusevac


Rotary and Rotary's ideas are coming to this area February 2001. with a letter of Professor Predrag Djordjevic of intent RC Lebanon in Krusevac hospital eye department performs about 150 cataract operations within the project''''Mission Krusevac. This idea is not realized, but constant contact with the professor. Predrag Djordjevic about this project contributed to spreading the ideas of Rotary in the area. The first meeting of the initiative group was held RC Krusevac 19.05.2001. in the Royal restaurant in Krusevac. Prof. Predrag Djordjevic spoke about Rotary in the world, with us, and his ideas. We can say that from that day begins Rotary life in this city.

Steering group consisted of 10 members, and meetings are held regularly. Kruševački Rotarians from the very beginning engaged in humanitarian work, confirming their commitment to the humane principles of Rotary. With great support from our sponsor prof. Predrag Djordjevic and Vojislav Mitic, the idea of Rotary is fixed in this region, and its membership is growing. Beginning of 2002. was very successful and the club gradually meets all the requirements for čarterovanje. Members of the hard work continually increase the reputation of the club in their area.

Richard King has signed a memorandum of 28.06.2002.godine čarterovanju, and soon to address the club sent a personal greeting and RC Krusevac for admission to the RI. From that day on behalf of our city is in the address list of all the Rotary world, and communication with other clubs is wide open ...

The very charter celebration was held at the restaurant 09.11.2002.godine Bagdala. The celebration was graced with his presence Kalco Hinova, Simeon Kondov, John Tsiflakos, Vojislav Mitic, Predrag Djordjevic, many Rotarians from almost all načih clubs, representatives of the diplomatic corps (Hanes Porias, Igor Kahlevinski) and distinguished guests from the city.

Rotary Club Krusevac helped and helping the sick, the powerless and the poor, either directly or with the help of other friendly clubs, institutions and individuals from home and abroad.
Getting started our club is very successful. The success of the club is linked to numerous activities in the local community, as well as cooperation with other clubs in the country and abroad-RC Ufenau from Switzerland, RC Dortmund in Germany, as well as the RC pobratimljenje Stara Zagora in Bulgaria.
Rotary promotion was conducted through shares, which are positive media coverage, creating a good reputation in the community and club district.
Charter of the best young team in our district received in 2004 from DG Kotzisa Costas is a great recognition and commitment to this club.

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