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  Blood drive, organized by Rotary Club

Organised by the Rotary Club Krusevac and the Red Cross today at the ''Novi Palas'' in Krusevac organized voluntary blood donation. The cause of this action was the visit of two young Frenchmen, who traveled by bicycle in the world to promote voluntary blood donation. Zulijani, one of two aid workers, has had an accident when he was 16 and got a large amount of blood. To him, among other things, encouraged to engage in this humanitarian adventure.

From France to Krusevac on the bicycle crossed approximately 4 thousand kilometers and 12 countries, and their destination is Wellington, New Zealand. Their goal is to travel during his visit as many cities and for them to provide as much blood and also achieve its mission.

Their putivanje will last 2 years. After that, when they return to France, write a book and publish the film on the journey. They will then visit as many schools in France and try to develop youth awareness about voluntary blood donation.

Call for participation in this humane action today responded to over 20 of our fellow citizens.












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