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Members of the Rotary Club Krusevac

  Name: Maric Ivica
  Function: President for 2016 - 2017. year
  Occupation: Engineer PTT
  He works as: chief of postal network
  E-mail: imaric@jp.ptt.rs
  Phone: 064/610 92 28
  Name: Dejan Ivanovic
  Function: Secretary for 2016 - 2017. year
  Occupation: electronics and telecommunications engineer
  He works as: Telekom Srbija
  E-mail: dejaniv@mts.rs
  Phone: 064/61-21-920
  Name: Kostic Goran
  Function: Treasury for 2016 - 2017. year
  Occupation: Economist
  He works as: Privredna Banka a.d. Beograd
  E-mail: kosta975@mts.rs
  Phone: 064/215 99 66
  Name: Lukanovic Branislav
  Function: Past President
  Occupation: engineer
  He works as: " DS Smith" Krusevac
  E-mail: lukanovic.branislav@duropack.rs
  Phone: 064/610 81 64
  Name: Matic Zoran
  Function: Treasury Distrikta 2483
  Occupation: lawyer
  He works as: Financial Consultant
  E-mail: zmatic2508@yahoo.com
  Phone: 063/253-446
  Name: Azdejkovic Dejan
  Function: Ceremonijal Master
  Occupation: engineer for the building
  He works as: Agency Expertise ''PROKODEKS''
  E-mail: dejan_azd@yahoo.com
  Phone: 064/206 10 12
  Name: Milanovic Dragan
  Function: member
  Occupation: Economist
  He works as: NIS
  E-mail: milanovicd@fam.co.rs
  Phone: 064/888 49 21
  Name: Goran Đurđevic
  Function: member
  Occupation: Enolog
  He works as: RUBIN KRUSEVAC
  E-mail: goran.djurdjevic@rubin.rs
  Phone: 064/880-48-03
  Name: Jevtic Sasa
  Function: member
  Occupation: Professor of engineering and computer science
  He works as: Director of Informatics in Primary School
  E-mail: saleks2007@gmail.com
  Phone: 065/55-05-440
  Name: Milosavljevic Sasha
  Function: member
  Occupation: Doctor of Geographical Sciences
  He works as: 'Faculty of Science
  E-mail: sasamilosavljevic.ts@gmail.com
  Phone: 064/29 69 864
  Name: Rankovic Caslav
  Function: member
  Occupation: economist
  He works as: "Gladius" d.o.o.
  E-mail: caslav.rankovic@yahoo.com
  Phone: 060 66 83 100
  Name: Andjelic Ivan
  Function: member
  Occupation: Architect
  He works as: owner of the Project Office ''Andjelic-projekt''.
  E-mail: ivanpro@ptt.rs
  Phone: 063/771 32 87
  Name: Nedeljkovic Rade
  Function: ICC Regional District Coach of Serbia and Montenegro
  Occupation: Oftamolog
  He works as: The main eye hospital departments in Krusevac
  E-mail: rade57ks@gmail.com
  Phone: 064/130 67 90
  Name: Stankovic Dragomir
  Function: ADG District of Serbia and Montenegro 2483
  Occupation: Surgeon Specialist
  He works as: ''ASTRA MEDICA'' Krusevac
  E-mail: venenda@mts.rs
  Phone: 063/619-065
  Name: Marinkovic Dragoljub
  Function: member
  Occupation: mechanical Engineer
  He works as: ''MAP+''
  E-mail: ljubamap@gmail.com
  Phone: 060/0761422
  Name: Tomic Goran
  Function: member
  Occupation: Economist
  He works as: "FEROREX"
  E-mail: ferorex@mts.rs
  Phone: 063/101 88 78
  Name: Miladinovic Milan
  Function: member
  Occupation: General Surgery
  He works as: Specialist in general and oncological surgery
  E-mail: milami@ptt.rs
  Phone: 064/121 95 53
  Name: Andric Nenad
  Function: member
  Occupation: Engineer Fire Safety
  He works as: ''BRANA KOMERC'' Krusevac
  E-mail: branakomerc@ptt.rs
  Phone: 063/607-620
  Name: Nikolic Mirjana
  Function: member
  Occupation: music teacher
  He works as: Music School ''Stefan Hristic'' Krusevac
  E-mail: -
  Phone: 064/163-83-91
  Name: Nedic Branislav
  Function: member
  Occupation: Dramaturge
  He works as: Director of Theatre in Krusevac
  E-mail: nedicb@yahoo.com
  Phone: 063/605-115
  Name: Aleksandar Rankovic
  Function: member
  Occupation: Economist
  He works as: Elektrodistribucija Krusevac, sektor trgovine elektricnom energijom
  E-mail: rankovic83@yahoo.com
  Phone: 060/603-12-56
  Name: Dejan  Debeljaković
  Function: member
  Occupation: Food technology engineer
  He works as: Winery Vino Kalem AD
  E-mail: dejandebeljakovic@yahoo.com
  Phone: 065/412 10 41
  Name: Dragan Vukovic
  Function: member
  Occupation: Economist
  He works as: UniCredit Bank
  E-mail: dragan.vukovic@yahoo.com
  Phone: 065/3357475



Honorary members of the Rotary Krusevac

  Name: Saša Mikić
  Function: Počasni član
  Rotari club Maribor Lent - Slovenija
  Name: Valentin Stoyanov
  Function: Počasni član
  Rotari club Stara Zagora - Bugarska





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